“Let's go to the lake!” “But it's freezing?!” “Exactly..”

What would you do for a shortcut to health?

Our Story

Where It All Began

It all started in the cold autumn in 2019 in Ingolstadt when we, some random guys from different backgrounds went out to explore how we can improve our health and optimize our performance more efficiently while reducing time and costs. The pressure of the working world got us. It quickly became a little community of all kinds of people discussing fasting, yoga, wearables and nootropics. It all started with a private chat group “The nice ice guys” to organize weekly ice baths for our wellbeing. This is why we are building HealthHackersHub. So we can explore faster, and organize more efficiently our personal health hacks.

“I wanted to maximize health and performance with least time and cost effort, without sacrificing life.”
Vincenzo Domina, Founder/CEO


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