You can make effect oriented use of sounds and rhythms. You knew you can relax to meditation music, best to calm down before going to bed. But did you also know about binaural beats which stimulates concentration and flow? I personally use Heavy metal to overcome the cold shower in the morning, instrumental low house for the flow at work. My absolute secret weapon, when i stand before a big task and need courage for something or the get shit done mood, i listen to soundtracks from favorite science fiction or action movies (recent favorites: DREDD OST, TRON OST, Limitless OST). Not all the time in the background, but in the appropriate moments, but try to avoid overstimulation and multi tasking, be in the here and now and let the music guide you, not distract you. Dance in a good mood in between. Listen to stimulating music for sports. And why should you care about anything when you are listening to “Israel’s Kamakawiwo’ole’s – Over the Rainbow”. Soon we will add a Goodie: effect oriented playlists in you favorite tunes app – from the hhh editorial office.