Nasa researchers recommend These house plants improve our sleep. They improve the room climate – and our well-being at the same time. Because: house plants create a natural atmosphere, filter pollutants from the air, provide oxygen and humidify the air. Chemicals are filtered from the air
This is also confirmed by scientists from the US space agency Nasa. In the “Clean Air Study” published in 1989, they actually wanted to investigate how they could improve the climate in narrow space stations in space. They found out that plants can not only produce oxygen and convert carbon dioxide, but also reduce the concentration of formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and other harmful gases in enclosed spaces. These plants are particularly good for health: the green lily (Chlorophytum elatum), common ivy (Hedera helix), birch fig (Ficus benjamina), ivy turkey (Epipremnum aureum), rubber tree (Ficus elastica). So the Nasa researchers recommend: Place at least one houseplant per nine square meters of room. In a 20 square meter room, at least two plants should be placed. In addition applies: The larger the plant, the larger also the health effect.