“Health and time are your most valuable resources.”

Not money. So let's organize it better.
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How do you organize your health?

Holistic, proactive and preventative approach

Focusing on saving time and maximum efficiency to manage and organize your health and optimization checklist. Get shit done and have a better life with less health drawbacks.


Organizing your Health To Do's

Imagine an app, that saves your favorites and generates a daily and weekly checklist automatically, giving you the informations when needed.


Eliminating the information overflow

You still use Google for searching science backed actionable health tips that? Think again. Imagine an app, where you find that outcome centered. We start where your health related wishes start.


Not just measuring, acting!

With all the sophisticated tools we have today to measure whatever related to our health, how do they help exactly? Right. In the end you have to act on the knowledge you have gained. But first you still need to master the basics to become a routine. We help exactly with that.


Science backed content

Our editorial team examined all database entries to be proven or tested. Access this information and search it with a lot of possible parameters, like costs, dosage, time and duration of application and more.  Database of all known health methods, supplements, routines, treatments

Focus on living your live

You don’t have to sacrifice all of your time! Explore healthy actions that don’t cost a lot of time but provide way more health outcomes than traditional methods. Boost your performance and reduce and repair damages from “Oops”- nights.


What is Healthhacking or Biohacking?

“A method that heals, improves or boosts your health, your wellbeing or your performance.
This could be a diet, a supplement, a routine, a lifestyle change, a treatment, a technological tool or the specific combination of those.
Biohacker live a longer and happier life and kick more ass”

Our Story

Where It All Began

It all started in the cold autumn in 2019 in Ingolstadt when we, some random guys from different backgrounds went out to explore how we can improve our health and optimize our performance more efficiently while reducing time and costs. The pressure of the working world got us. It quickly became a little community of all kinds of people discussing fasting, yoga, wearables and nootropics. It all started with a private chat group “The nice ice guys” to organize weekly ice baths for our wellbeing. This is why we are building HealthHackersHub. So we can explore faster, and organize more efficiently our personal health hacks.

“I wanted to maximize health and performance with least time and cost effort, without sacrificing life.”
Vincenzo Domina, Founder/CEO